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How to Choose an Orthodontist

You need to feel comfortable with your decision since orthodontic treatment is a partnership usually lasting multiple years. Don’t settle unless you feel comfortable from your initial contact with the office, to visiting the office, and to meeting the doctor and staff.
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Does My Child Need Braces?

Find out what problems an orthodontist can identify at an early age, what benefits can be obtained by early treatment, why choosing a specialist is important, what happens if my child is not ready or doesn’t need braces, and ways to afford orthodontic treatment.
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So far we have been there 2 times. The first time was for the consultation. My son and I knew from the moment we walked in this was the place! The entire staff is super friendly and more importantly caring. 2 weeks later we were back to start this process. Dr. Trisler even called to check to see how my son was feeling. I will defiantly recommend East Tennessee Orthodontics to anyone who asks.
Kimberly B.
Our family loved the atmosphere at East Tennessee Orthodontics! My daughters felt so comfortable getting their braces today. My husband and I liked the facilities openness and all our questions were answered. Dr. Trisler and his staff are fantastic. I would highly recommend ETO!
Crystal C.
Dr. Trisler and his staff are so nice and fun. They don't make you feel nervous like I've heard other people say about their orthodontists. My little sisters also like to play on the Ipads while I'm having my appointment. They are never bored. East Tennessee Orthodontics is a very kid-friendly place. I also love the coffee, slushies, and the free teeth squishes my sisters and I got for writing this review!
Sachi G.

Offices in Oak Ridge & Powell

Oak Ridge Office
1143 Oak Ridge Turnpike
Suite 206, Oak Ridge TN
Office: (865) 312-6264
Powell Office
2317 W. Emory Rd.
Powell, TN 37849
Office: (865) 312-6264

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