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Whether you are 18 or 81 it’s never too late to improve your smile.  We are here to listen to what you don’t like about your teeth, gums, or jaws and work with you to personalize a solution that fits your needs and budget.  The American Association of Orthodontists estimates that 35% of new orthodontic patients are adults and this is growing every day.  Some of our patients never had orthodontic treatment as a child while others lost or forgot to wear their retainer.  If your needs are complex or simple East Tennessee has wonderful traditional and esthetic treatment options.  We even have options that can speed up treatment such as Propel and Acceledent.

We offer the following options for our adult patients

Traditional Braces

Not the braces and wires you remember as a kid, but metal just the same.

Clear Braces

Translucent braces and coated wires that blend in with your teeth.

Gold Braces

You read that right, but not these are not what you think.  These are a subtle gold color that really blends into teeth.  These are our newest “esthetic” option and everyone we put them on really loves the look of them.


These are a series of clear plastic removable trays that move teeth a little at a time and are changed out every 1-2 weeks.

Clear Aligners

Just like cola can be made by Coke, Pepsi, and other companies, clear aligners can also be made by different companies. We personalize what brand we use to give you the best result and be the most cost effective.

Lingual Braces

Braces and wires that go on the tongue side so they are truly invisible.

DIY Aligner Fixes

Did you trust your smile and bite to a company instead of an orthodontist only to be let down or harmed by the results?  Do you need things fixed?  We are here to help.  Maybe you have just seen the ads and are curious.  Remember, not all orthodontic treatment is created equal and we offer treatment options at comparable prices to these at-home treatments.  Don’t be fooled by their claims.  You should only trust a local orthodontist to craft your best smile possible.

Accelerated Options

Ways to speed up either Invisalign or treatment with either Propel or Acceledent.

Let Your Smile Shine

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