Clear Aligner Care

Clear aligners are typically much easier to take care of than braces.  Here are a few tips about taking care and wear of clear aligners:
• Wear them as prescribed.  You goal should be 20-22 hrs a day wear.  That means you should always have them in your mouth unless you are eating or brushing your teeth.  Typically aligners are changed every 1-2 weeks.  Aligners move teeth week but must be worn for tooth movement to be effective.
• Aligners should always be put in with your fingers and never bitten into place until fully seated.
• When you take out your clear aligners, they need to be cleaned.  The best thing to clean them is your toothbrush and water.
• After you eat, either brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth out with water when putting them back in.
• When your aligners are in, drink only water.  If you drink something besides water, take your aligners out after rinse them and your mouth out.
• Aligners are made with heat, so anything that heats them excessively can melt or distort them.
If you lose your aligners, crack your aligners, or loose the any attachments that are glued to your teeth give our office a call so we can direct you what to do.

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