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We are so excited that you want to know what it’s going to belike when you visit our office.  We want you to know that you’ll feel welcomed and cared for from your first to your last visit with us.  When you come to the office for your first visit you will usually be scheduled for 60 minutes.  Once you visit our office you’ll be given a tour and asked some questions to get to know you better.  Then you will have some photos of your teeth taken and any necessary x-rays taken along with a quick exam done by Dr. Trisler who will then go over a customized treatment plan with you as well as options for treatment.  Worried about goopy impressions, don’t be.  We use a digital scanner to take models of your teeth if needed.  We will do our best to answer any and all of your questions about treatment timing, options, cost, and payments.  Some typical questions that will be answered are:

• When would be the most ideal time to start treatment?
• How long will treatment take?
• What are my different options for treatment?
• Will I need any permanent teeth removed?
• How much will treatment cost?
• What payment options do you have?

Many times treatment can begin that same day, saving you from missing additional school and work.  If this is the case additional time will be needed to get things started, but we can make it happen if you are ready.  Sometimes either the timing isn’t ideal, a more in-depth look is needed, or things need to be completed with your dentist first.  If this is the case, we can get a future appointment setup to begin treatment.

Things to bring to your first appointment
• An idea about what bugs you about your smile
• Any questions you have for our doctor or team
• A panoramic x-ray of your teeth if it was taken within 6 months
• Your dental insurance information if you have any.  This will allow us to give you to most accurate cost for your treatment.
• Your prefilled out paper work
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